1. Warping
2. Misrepresenting
3. Corrupting
4. Misconstruing
5. Misinterpreting
6. Twisting
7. Manipulating
8. Bending
9. Contorting
10. Perverting
11. Deforming
12. Misaligning
13. Skewing
14. Misinforming
15. Misleading
16. Obscuring
17. Misrepresenting
18. Misapplying
19. Misconstruing
20. Misconstruing
21. Misconstruing
22. Misapprehending
23. Misreckoning
24. Misconceiving
25. Misperceiving
26. Misestimating
27. Misjudging
28. Misconjecturing
29. Misconceiving
30. Misapprehending

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