1. Nonconformist
2. Rebel
3. Heretic
4. Malcontent
5. Unconventional
6. Contrarian
7. Skeptic
8. Objector
9. Rejecter
10. Infidel
11. Defier
12. Nonconformer
13. Agitator
14. Unbeliever
15. Noncompliant
16. Unorthodox
17. Iconoclast
18. Freethinker
19. Absconder
20. Recusant
21. Schismatic
22. Mutineer
23. Apostate
24. Opposer
25. Resister
26. Disobeyer
27. Querulous
28. Ejector
29. Apostatize
30. Apostasy

Are you looking for the best ideas to find synonyms for the word «DISSIDENT»? Finding the right words to express your thoughts can be a challenge. Whether you are writing a paper, preparing a presentation, or simply trying to communicate effectively, having access to a variety of synonyms for «dissident» can be very helpful. Here are 30 synonyms for «dissident» that can help you find the right words: nonconformist, rebel, heretic, malcontent, unconventional, contrarian, skeptic, objector, rejecter, infidel, defier, nonconformer, agitator, unbeliever, noncompliant, unorthodox, iconoclast, freethinker, absconder, recusant, schismatic, mutineer, apostate, opposer, resister, disobeyer, querulous, ejector, apostatize, and apostasy. With these synonyms, you can find the perfect word to express what you mean.