1. Diffusion
2. Scattering
3. Diffracting
4. Dispersal
5. Splitting
6. Separation
7. Division
8. Diffusing
9. Dividing
10. Spreading
11. Straggling
12. Circulation
13. Dissemination
14. Distribution
15. Expansion
16. Sprinkling
17. Diffract
18. Scatter
19. Disbandment
20. Dissipation
21. Dispersing
22. Disseminating
23. Dividing up
24. Expanding
25. Radiating
26. Rambling
27. Scattering about
28. Separating
29. Spraying
30. Scattering out

When looking for other words for the term «dispersion», there are many ideas that come to mind. Synonyms such as diffusion, scattering, diffracting, and dispersal are some of the best ways to describe the concept of dispersing something. Additionally, other words such as splitting, separation, division, and diffusing can also be used to accurately explain the meaning of the term. Furthermore, terms such as spreading, straggling, circulation, and dissemination can be used to provide an even better understanding of the concept. All of these synonyms can be used to provide a more detailed and accurate description of the term «dispersion».