Synonyms for «Disorders»:

1. Maladies
2. Complications
3. Malfunctions
4. Imbalances
5. Abnormalities
6. Disturbances
7. Turmoil
8. Dysfunctions
9. Pathologies
10. Derangements
11. Deviations
12. Aberrations
13. Breakdowns
14. Disruptions
15. Distempers
16. Imperfections
17. Infirmities
18. Irregularities
19. Irritations
20. Unsoundness
21. Maladjustments
22. Disarrays
23. Derangements
24. Iniquities
25. Impediments
26. Disarray
27. Abnormality
28. Defects
29. Hiccups
30. Discomforts

Finding the right words to describe a disorder can be difficult. Whether you’re writing a medical report or a creative story, having a list of synonyms for «disorders» can be a great help. Looking for alternative words to describe a disorder can help you find the perfect word to fit the context. The best ideas for synonyms for «disorders» are maladies, complications, malfunctions, imbalances, abnormalities, disturbances, turmoil, dysfunctions, pathologies, derangements, deviations, aberrations, breakdowns, disruptions, distempers, imperfections, infirmities, irregularities, irritations, unsoundness, maladjustments, disarrays, derangements, iniquities, impediments, disarray, abnormality, defects, hiccups, and discomforts. With this list of synonyms for «disorders» you can easily find the perfect word to fit the context of your writing.