1. Debate
2. Exchange
3. Negotiation
4. Conversation
5. Parley
6. Colloquy
7. Deliberation
8. Collogue
9. Conference
10. Dialogue
11. Symposium
12. Forum
13. Colloquium
14. Bargaining
15. Exposition
16. Consultation
17. Preamble
18. Confab
19. Interchange
20. Argument
21. Interrogation
22. Quarrel
23. Chat
24. Talk
25. Intercourse
26. Lecture
27. Confabulation
28. Discourse
29. Pronouncement
30. Conference

When looking for synonyms for the word ‘discussion’, there are many different options. Whether you are looking for the best, most creative ideas, or simply other words for discussion, there are plenty of options to choose from. Debate, exchange, negotiation, conversation, parley, colloquy, and deliberation are some of the most popular synonyms for discussion. However, there are also other options such as collogue, conference, dialogue, symposium, forum, and colloquium. Furthermore, bargaining, exposition, consultation, preamble, confab, interchange, argument, interrogation, quarrel, chat, talk, intercourse, lecture, confabulation, discourse, pronouncement, and conference are all excellent words to use as synonyms for discussion. No matter what kind of synonym you are looking for, there is sure to be one that fits your needs.