1. Debated
2. Examined
3. Analyzed
4. Deliberated
5. Talked about
6. Queried
7. Pondered
8. Quizzed
9. Investigated
10. Scrutinized
11. Mulled over
12. Weighed
13. Contemplated
14. Studied
15. Reviewed
16. Investigated
17. Explored
18. Ventilated
19. Broached
20. Chewed over
21. Considered
22. Examined
23. Investigated
24. Mulled
25. Probed
26. Questioned
27. Researched
28. Scrutinized
29. Surveyed
30. Ventilated

When it comes to finding the best ideas for discussing a topic, it is important to have a variety of synonyms to choose from. Having a list of synonyms for the word «discussed» can be a great resource for finding other words for discussing a topic. Some of the most common synonyms for discussed include debated, examined, analyzed, deliberated, talked about, queried, pondered, quizzed, investigated, scrutinized, mulled over, weighed, and contemplated. Other words for discussed include studied, reviewed, explored, ventilated, broached, chewed over, considered, examined, investigated, mulled, probed, questioned, researched, scrutinized, surveyed, and ventilated. With this list of synonyms, you can easily find the best words to use when discussing a topic.