1. Prejudice
2. Segregation
3. Bias
4. Bigotry
5. Preconception
6. Exclusion
7. Intolerance
8. Partiality
9. Favoritism
10. Preference
11. Unfairness
12. Distinction
13. Prejudgment
14. Disparity
15. Disfavor
16. Classification
17. Impartiality
18. Unjustness
19. Partialness
20. Disadvantage
21. Disregard
22. Unequal treatment
23. Preference
24. Inequality
25. Unfair treatment
26. Premeditation
27. Injustice
28. Disallowance
29. Separation
30. Inequity

Searching for synonyms for the word “discrimination” can be a difficult task. It is important to find the best words to accurately describe the concept of discrimination. There are many different ideas and words that can be used to explain this concept, such as prejudice, segregation, bias, bigotry, preconception, exclusion, intolerance, partiality, favoritism, preference, unfairness, distinction, prejudgment, disparity, disfavor, classification, impartiality, unjustness, partialness, disadvantage, disregard, unequal treatment, preference, inequality, unfair treatment, premeditation, injustice, disallowance, separation, and inequity. Finding the best words to accurately describe discrimination can be a difficult task, but understanding the concept is key to understanding the implications of discrimination and how to prevent it.