1. Conflict
2. Dispute
3. Variance
4. Clash
5. Contradiction
6. Dissension
7. Antagonism
8. Discord
9. Disaccord
10. Disaffection
11. Dissent
12. Dissonance
13. Friction
14. Variance
15. Contention
16. Contrariety
17. Controversion
18. Dissidence
19. Dissimilarity
20. Disunion
21. Divergence
22. Incompatibility
23. Incongruity
24. Opposition
25. Strife
26. Variance
27. Antipathy
28. Antithesis
29. Disparity
30. Disputation

Looking for a synonym for the word «disagreement»? Look no further! Here are the best ideas and other words for «disagreement» to help you express yourself. Whether you’re looking for a single word or a phrase to describe the concept of conflicting opinions, there are plenty of synonyms available. From «conflict» and «dispute» to «antagonism» and «dissonance», there are 30 different synonyms for «disagreement» that can help you find the perfect word to express your thoughts. With these synonyms, you can easily find the best way to express your disagreement without repeating yourself.