1. Command
2. Leadership
3. Administration
4. Governance
5. Management
6. Regulation
7. Supervision
8. Oversight
9. Control
10. Authority
11. Directorate
12. Board
13. Council
14. Cabinet
15. Regiment
16. Brigade
17. Squadron
18. Regiment
19. Regimentation
20. Hierarchy
21. Regiment
22. Regimentation
23. Chain of command
24. Command structure
25. Command center
26. Power structure
27. Power base
28. Power center
29. Dominance
30. Leadership structure

When it comes to the best ideas for synonyms for the word «DIRECTORATE,» there are many options to choose from. From “Command” and “Leadership” to “Regulation” and “Supervision,” there are a variety of words that can be used to describe the same concept. Additionally, other words such as “Board,” “Council,” and “Cabinet” can also be used to refer to a directorate. Furthermore, terms such as “Regiment,” “Brigade,” and “Squadron” can be used as synonyms for directorate as well. Finally, there are a number of phrases that can be used to describe a directorate, such as “Chain of Command,” “Command Structure,” and “Power Structure.” All of these words and phrases can be used to accurately describe a directorate, making them great ideas for synonyms.