1. Immediately
2. Forthwith
3. Instantly
4. Right away
5. At once
6. Promptly
7. On the spot
8. Now
9. Pronto
10. Without delay
11. At this moment
12. This instant
13. At the same time
14. In a flash
15. In no time
16. On the double
17. Quickly
18. Posthaste
19. In a jiffy
20. Without hesitation
21. Instanter
22. This very minute
23. Straight away
24. Instantly
25. At a stroke
26. In a trice
27. In two shakes
28. On the spur of the moment
29. In a second
30. Direct

When searching for an alternative word for «directly» there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms such as «immediately», «forthwith», and «instantly» are all excellent choices, as they are easily understood and quickly convey the same meaning. Additionally, words like «right away», «at once», and «promptly» are all great options as well. If you are looking for the best words to use when referring to something that needs to be done quickly, then these are the top choices. Other words for «directly» include «on the spot», «now», «pronto», and «without delay». All of these words will give the same meaning and can be used to express the need for something to be done quickly.