1. Croup
2. Pharyngitis
3. Membranous Angina
4. Dysphagia
5. Stridor
6. Respiratory Infection
7. Putrid Sore Throat
8. Miliary Fever
9. Malignant Quinsy
10. Faucial Diphtheria
11. Adenoiditis
12. Tonsillitis
13. Acute Catarrhal Angina
14. Acute Catarrh
15. Necrotic Tonsillitis
16. Necrotizing Pharyngitis
17. False Membrane
18. Follicular Pharyngitis
19. Infectious Catarrhal Angina
20. Malignant Quinsy
21. Pseudomembranous Angina
22. Ulcerative Pharyngitis
23. Diphtheritic Angina
24. Laryngeal Diphtheria
25. Fibrinous Pharyngitis
26. Necrotic Angina
27. Necrotizing Laryngitis
28. Necrotizing Tonsillitis
29. Diphtheritic Laryngitis
30. Fibrinous Laryngitis

Finding the right synonym for diphtheria can be difficult. There are many words that can be used to describe the medical condition, but it can be hard to know which one is best. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for diphtheria: croup, pharyngitis, membranous angina, dysphagia, stridor, respiratory infection, putrid sore throat, miliary fever, malignant quinsy, faucial diphtheria, adenoiditis, tonsillitis, acute catarrhal angina, acute catarrh, necrotic tonsillitis, necrotizing pharyngitis, false membrane, follicular pharyngitis, infectious catarrhal angina, malignant quinsy, pseudomembranous angina, ulcerative pharyngitis, diphtheritic angina, laryngeal diphtheria, fibrinous pharyngitis, necrotic angina, necrotizing laryngitis, necrotizing tonsillitis, diphtheritic laryngitis, and fibrinous laryngitis. These are the best synonyms for diphtheria and can help you understand the medical condition better.