1. Reduction
2. Weakening
3. Lessening
4. Diluting
5. Thinning
6. Extenuation
7. Cut
8. Abatement
9. Debilitation
10. Diminishment
11. Erosion
12. Extinguishment
13. Moderation
14. Mollification
15. Neutralization
16. Qualm
17. Relaxation
18. Remission
19. Softening
20. Subsidence
21. Sinking
22. Reduction
23. Thinning
24. Blending
25. Diffusion
26. Fading
27. Merging
28. Mixture
29. Reduction
30. Thin-out

When searching for different ways to express the concept of dilution, there are many options available. Synonyms for dilution can range from reduction and weakening to thinning and merging. The best ideas for synonyms for dilution are those that capture the idea of a decrease in strength or concentration. For example, words such as abatement, debilitation, and erosion can all be used to express the idea of dilution. Additionally, words such as blending, diffusion, and fading can be used to show the gradual decrease in strength or concentration. Ultimately, the best synonyms for dilution will depend on the context in which the word is being used.