1. Assimilation
2. Metabolism
3. Catabolism
4. Absorption
5. Ingestion
6. Chewing
7. Breakdown
8. Processing
9. Transformation
10. Decomposition
11. Digest
12. Masticate
13. Gulp
14. Ingest
15. Eat
16. Chomp
17. Swallow
18. Gullet
19. Digestive
20. Salivation
21. Assimilate
22. Metabolize
23. Catabolize
24. Absorb
25. Munch
26. Mangle
27. Swig
28. Chew
29. Chaw
30. Masticate

Searching for the best ideas and other words for digestion? Look no further! Digestion is the process of breaking down food into smaller components that can be used by the body for energy. Synonyms for digestion include assimilation, metabolism, catabolism, absorption, ingestion, chewing, breakdown, processing, transformation, decomposition, digest, masticate, gulp, ingest, eat, chomp, swallow, gullet, digestive, salivation, assimilate, metabolize, catabolize, absorb, munch, mangle, swig, chew, chaw, and masticate. All of these words describe the same process, but can be used to make your writing more interesting and varied.