1. Circulation
2. Dissemination
3. Propagation
4. Spreading
5. Dispersal
6. Diffraction
7. Broadcast
8. Expansion
9. Diffusion
10. Proliferation
11. Release
12. Dispersal
13. Circumference
14. Dispersing
15. Diffusing
16. Propagating
17. Disbursal
18. Disseminating
19. Expansion
20. Diffracting
21. Diffract
22. Propagate
23. Radiate
24. Spread out
25. Dissemination
26. Dispersive
27. Diffusive
28. Diffusing
29. Propagative
30. Dispersive

When you are looking for another word for diffusion, there are many options available. Synonyms for diffusion include circulation, dissemination, propagation, spreading, dispersal, diffraction, broadcast, expansion, release, circumference, dispersing, diffusing, propagating, disbursal, disseminating, diffracting, diffract, propagate, radiate, spread out, dissemination, dispersive, diffusive, diffusing, propagative, and dispersive. These are some of the best words to use when trying to find the right term for your project.

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