1. Nutritional
2. Alimentary
3. Regimen
4. Cuisine
5. Fare
6. Menu
7. Eating plan
8. Eating habits
9. Eating pattern
10. Victuals
11. Alimentation
12. Nourishment
13. Regime
14. Rations
15. Feeding
16. Diet
17. Meals
18. Provisions
19. Sustenance
20. Cuisines
21. Aliment
22. Food consumption
23. Food intake
24. Nutriment
25. Nutritional intake
26. Nutritional plan
27. Nutrition
28. Nutritional habits
29. Nutritional pattern
30. Nutritional regime

Finding the best ideas for a dietary plan can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many synonyms for “dietary” that can help you come up with a variety of options. Some of the best synonyms for “dietary” include nutritional, alimentary, regimen, cuisine, fare, menu, eating plan, eating habits, eating pattern, victuals, alimentation, nourishment, and regime. Other words for “dietary” include rations, feeding, diet, meals, provisions, sustenance, cuisines, aliment, food consumption, food intake, nutriment, nutritional intake, nutritional plan, nutrition, nutritional habits, nutritional pattern, and nutritional regime. With so many options, it’s easy to find the best dietary plan for your needs.