1. Insulator
2. Nonconductor
3. Separator
4. Isolator
5. Divider
6. Intervener
7. Shielder
8. Protector
9. Interposer
10. Stuffer
11. Buffer
12. Partitioner
13. Insulating material
14. Non-electric material
15. Dielectric material
16. Electric insulator
17. Isolating material
18. Non-conducting material
19. Intervening material
20. Shielding material
21. Protecting material
22. Partitioning material
23. Interposing material
24. Stuffed material
25. Buffered material
26. Dielectricum
27. Electric resistance
28. Electric insulating material
29. Non-conductive material
30. Isolating substance

Finding synonyms for the word «dielectric» can help you to find the best ideas for using it in your writing. Whether you’re looking for another word for dielectric, other words for dielectric, or synonyms for dielectric, there are plenty of options available. From «insulator» and «nonconductor» to «separator» and «isolator,» there are many different words that can be used to express the same concept. Additionally, you can use terms such as «dielectric material,» «electric insulator,» «non-conducting material,» and «intervening material» to further explain the concept. With a wide range of synonyms for dielectric, you can easily find the best option for your writing.