1. Debate
2. Discourse
3. Argument
4. Logic
5. Rhetoric
6. Controversy
7. Contention
8. Dialogue
9. Exchange
10. Reasoning
11. Exposition
12. Refutation
13. Quarrel
14. Dissent
15. Disputation
16. Analysis
17. Synthesis
18. Dialect
19. Conflict
20. Syntax
21. Contrast
22. Dissension
23. Contradiction
24. Exegesis
25. Polemic
26. Elucidation
27. Interpretation
28. Thesis
29. Antithesis
30. Interchange

When it comes to finding the best ideas and other words for the term «dialectic», there are many options to choose from. Synonyms such as debate, discourse, argument, logic, rhetoric, controversy, contention, dialogue, exchange, and reasoning are all great options to choose from. Additionally, terms such as exposition, refutation, quarrel, dissent, disputation, analysis, synthesis, dialect, conflict, syntax, contrast, dissension, contradiction, exegesis, polemic, elucidation, interpretation, thesis, antithesis, and interchange can be used to express the same concept. All of these words help to explain the concept of dialectic in different ways.