1. Gadget
2. Instrument
3. Apparatus
4. Machinery
5. Tool
6. Implement
7. Contraption
8. Artifice
9. Gizmo
10. Mechanism
11. Engine
12. Machine
13. Utensil
14. Appliance
15. Contrivance
16. Device
17. Invention
18. Fixture
19. Structure
20. Arrangement
21. System
22. Equipment
23. Construction
24. Setup
25. Contrivance
26. Rig
27. Artwork
28. Formation
29. Manufacture
30. Fabrication

Searching for the perfect device to complete a task can be a daunting task. It is important to make sure that the device selected is appropriate for the job. Knowing what other words for device are available can help narrow down the choices. Whether you are looking for an apparatus, tool, or machinery, there are many synonyms for device that can help you find the best solution. From gadgets to engines, these synonyms can help you determine the ideal device for your project. With so many ideas and possibilities, you are sure to find the perfect device for your needs.