1. Bereft
2. Desolate
3. Ruined
4. Wrecked
5. Destroyed
6. Shattered
7. Crushed
8. Despondent
9. Dejected
10. Distraught
11. Heartbroken
12. Dispirited
13. Disheartened
14. Disillusioned
15. Dismayed
16. Dispirited
17. Forlorn
18. Grief-stricken
19. Impoverished
20. Inconsolable
21. Joyless
22. Miserable
23. Oppressed
24. Overwhelmed
25. Plunged
26. Prostrate
27. Ruined
28. Stricken
29. Tormented
30. Woebegone

Are you looking for other words for “devastated”? We have compiled the best ideas for synonyms that you can use in place of the word “devastated”. From bereft and desolate to ruined and wrecked, we have 30 of the most commonly used synonyms for “devastated”. Whether you are looking for words to use in a poem or a story, these synonyms are sure to make your writing more interesting and descriptive. Whether you need to describe a feeling of utter despair or a physical destruction, these words will help you to convey your message in the most effective way.