Synonyms for the word «DESPATCHES»:

1. Sends
2. Dispatches
3. Transmits
4. Posts
5. Forwards
6. Conveys
7. Transfers
8. Transports
9. Translates
10. Ships
11. Transmits
12. Relays
13. Conveys
14. Transfers
15. Transports
16. Disseminates
17. Circulates
18. Distributes
19. Propagates
20. Imparts
21. Conveys
22. Transfers
23. Transports
24. Translates
25. Posts
26. Forwards
27. Transmits
28. Dispatches
29. Sends
30. Delivers

When you are looking for other words for «DESPATCHES», there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or simply a list of synonyms, you can find them all here. From «Sends» and «Dispatches» to «Translates» and «Delivers», there is a wide range of words to choose from. Additionally, many of these words have multiple meanings, allowing you to use them in a variety of contexts. Whether you need to describe a physical delivery or a message being sent, there is a perfect word for your needs. With this list of 30 synonyms for «DESPATCHES», you can find the perfect word for your needs.