1. Appointed
2. Assigned
3. Allotted
4. Selected
5. Nominated
6. Marked
7. Assigned
8. Appointed
9. Designate
10. Appoint
11. Allocate
12. Assign
13. Label
14. Assignate
15. Assignation
16. Determined
17. Specified
18. Distinguished
19. Assignee
20. Assigner
21. Assignation
22. Assignor
23. Designated
24. Assignable
25. Assignation
26. Allotment
27. Allotted
28. Assignable
29. Designation
30. Assigner

Finding the best synonyms for the word “designated” can be a challenge. It is important to be able to find words that are similar in meaning to the word you are trying to describe. It is also helpful to have a variety of synonyms to choose from when writing or speaking. There are many synonyms for designated, such as appointed, assigned, allotted, selected, nominated, marked, assignate, assignation, determined, specified, distinguished, assignee, assigner, assignor, designated, assignable, allotment, and assignable. Having a list of synonyms for designated can help you to quickly find the best word to use in any given situation. With this list of synonyms for designated, you can easily find the best word for any writing or speaking situation.