1. Create
2. Construct
3. Develop
4. Shape
5. Sketch
6. Pattern
7. Blueprint
8. Arrange
9. Visualize
10. Plan
11. Articulate
12. Outline
13. Forge
14. Engineer
15. Refine
16. Invent
17. Develop
18. Model
19. Devise
20. Intend
21. Plot
22. Visualise
23. Strategize
24. Assemble
25. Compose
26. Conceive
27. Configure
28. Construct
29. Contrive
30. Elaborate

Searching for the best ideas for designing something can be a difficult task. Whether it’s designing a website, a logo, or a marketing plan, finding the right words to describe your design can be challenging. Synonyms for design can help you find the perfect words to express your ideas. Synonyms such as create, construct, develop, shape, sketch, pattern, blueprint, arrange, visualize, plan, articulate, outline, forge, engineer, refine, invent, develop, model, devise, intend, plot, visualize, strategize, assemble, compose, conceive, configure, construct, contrive, and elaborate can help you get your ideas across in a creative and descriptive way. With these synonyms, you can make sure your designs are accurately expressed and accurately conveyed.