Synonyms for Describes:

1. Characterizes
2. Depicts
3. Details
4. Draws
5. Explains
6. Illustrates
7. Outlines
8. Paints
9. Portrays
10. Relates
11. Represents
12. Specifies
13. Summarizes
14. Tells
15. Descants
16. Depicts
17. Enumerates
18. Expatiates
19. Explicates
20. Impersonates
21. Pictures
22. Recites
23. Recounts
24. Refers
25. Relates
26. Reports
27. Specifies
28. States
29. Tabulates
30. Visualizes

When looking for other words for describes, it can be helpful to consider the context in which the word is used. Depending on the situation, some of the best ideas for synonyms for describes could include characterizes, illustrates, outlines, paints, portrays, and summarizes. These synonyms provide a vivid description of an object, person, or event, and can be used to make a story more vivid and interesting. Other words for describes that could be used to evoke an emotion or feeling include depics, explains, relates, and tells. These words can be used to create a more personal connection between the reader and the story. No matter what type of description you’re looking for, there is a synonym for describes that can be used to create the perfect description.