1. Dropping
2. Declining
3. Slumping
4. Subsiding
5. Sinking
6. Fading
7. Diminishing
8. Retreating
9. Weakening
10. Plummeting
11. Backing
12. Reducing
13. Falling
14. Decreasing
15. Abating
16. Curtailing
17. Dwindling
18. Waning
19. Receding
20. Debilitating
21. Eroding
22. Withering
23. Sliding
24. Deteriorating
25. Sagging
26. Retracting
27. Subduing
28. Lessening
29. Abbreviating
30. Curtailing

When searching for another word for descending, there are many ideas that come to mind. Descending can be defined as going or coming down, and there are many synonyms that can be used to describe the same concept. Some of the best words that can be used in place of descending include dropping, declining, subsiding, sinking, and fading. Other words that could be used in place of descending are retreating, weakening, plummeting, and reducing. All of these words are great ideas for when you need to describe something that is going down or coming down.