1. Eczema
2. Skin inflammation
3. Rash
4. Allergy
5. Itching
6. Inflammation
7. Irritation
8. Redness
9. Excoriation
10. Pruritus
11. Dermatopathy
12. Contact dermatitis
13. Neurodermatitis
14. Atopic dermatitis
15. Seborrheic dermatitis
16. Perioral dermatitis
17. Dyshidrosis
18. Stasis dermatitis
19. Nummular dermatitis
20. Venous eczema
21. Xerosis
22. Acne
23. Rosacea
24. Psoriasis
25. Lichen planus
26. Urticaria
27. Eczematous dermatitis
28. Dermatomyositis
29. Erythema
30. Scabies

Finding the right synonyms for the word «dermatitis» can be a challenge. There are many different types of dermatitis that can cause a variety of symptoms, including redness, itching, and inflammation. Whether you’re looking to describe a specific type of dermatitis or a general term, this list of the best synonyms for dermatitis can help. From eczema to contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, nummular dermatitis, and more, this list offers a wide range of other words for dermatitis that can help you communicate more effectively about this condition. No matter the type of dermatitis you’re dealing with, these synonyms can help you find the right words to describe your symptoms and experiences.