1. Offshoots
2. Variations
3. Extensions
4. Adaptations
5. Corollaries
6. Consequences
7. Sequels
8. Outgrowths
9. Spin-offs
10. Descendants
11. Modifications
12. Progenies
13. Offsprings
14. Splits
15. Inferences
16. Mutations
17. Transformations
18. By-products
19. Ramifications
20. Sequences
21. Heirs
22. Evolutions
23. Extensions
24. Alterations
25. Derivations
26. Branches
27. Permutations
28. Developments
29. Variations
30. Derivatives

Searching for synonyms for the word «derivatives» can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many other words that can be used to describe derivatives. The best ideas include offshoots, variations, extensions, adaptations, corollaries, consequences, sequels, outgrowths, spin-offs, descendants, modifications, progenies, offsprings, splits, inferences, mutations, transformations, by-products, ramifications, sequences, heirs, evolutions, extensions, alterations, derivations, branches, permutations, developments, and variations. By utilizing these words, you can make sure that your writing is rich and varied. With so many options to choose from, you can make sure that your writing is interesting and that your readers will be engaged.