1. Portrays
2. Represents
3. Illustrates
4. Depicts
5. Describes
6. Conveys
7. Expresses
8. Displays
9. Imparts
10. Refers
11. Paints
12. Depicts
13. Details
14. Imagines
15. Signifies
16. Characterizes
17. Suggests
18. Embodies
19. Evokes
20. Visualizes
21. Indicates
22. Outlines
23. Relates
24. Imitates
25. Characterizes
26. Represents
27. Captures
28. Predicts
29. Defines
30. Chronicles

When you are looking for the best ideas for ways to articulate a concept, one of the most useful tools is to find synonyms for the word you are trying to express. Finding other words for “depicts” can help you to more accurately and effectively describe a situation, concept, or action. Synonyms for “depicts” can include portrays, represents, illustrates, describes, conveys, expresses, displays, imparts, refers, paints, details, imagines, signifies, characterizes, suggests, embodies, evokes, visualizes, indicates, outlines, relates, imitates, captures, predicts, defines, and chronicles. Using these words can help you to accurately and effectively communicate the concept of “depicts” to your readers.