1. Relying
2. Contingent
3. Conditional
4. Subordinate
5. Reliant
6. Dependent
7. Predicated
8. Consequent
9. Predicament
10. Relativity
11. Conformity
12. Related
13. Precondition
14. Linked
15. Subject
16. Requisite
17. Subservient
18. Vassal
19. Connected
20. Prerequisite
21. Pending
22. Resultant
23. Subsumed
24. Subordinate
25. Conditional
26. Proportionate
27. Dependent upon
28. Contingent upon
29. Dependent on
30. Resultant upon

Looking for other words for «depending»? Here are some of the best ideas. Depending is a common word used to describe a situation in which one thing is contingent upon another. Synonyms for depending include relying, contingent, conditional, subordinate, reliant, dependent, predicated, consequent, predicament, relativity, conformity, related, precondition, linked, subject, requisite, subservient, vassal, connected, prerequisite, pending, resultant, subsumed, subordinate, conditional, proportionate, dependent upon, contingent upon, dependent on, and resultant upon. With this wide variety of synonyms, you are sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs.