1. Reliants
2. Subordinates
3. Supporters
4. Ancillaries
5. Hangers-on
6. Retainers
7. Ward
8. Clients
9. Dependents
10. Charges
11. Accompaniments
12. Subservients
13. Appendages
14. Adherents
15. Subscribers
16. Affiliates
18. Connections
19. Auxiliaries
20. Confederates
21. Associates
22. Proteges
23. Dependees
24. Inferiors
25. Retinues
26. Inmates
27. Allottees
28. Succorers
29. Dependums
30. Subjugates

When looking for other words for dependents, the best ideas are to use synonyms such as reliants, subordinates, supporters, ancillaries, hangers-on, retainers, ward, clients, charges, accompaniments, subservients, appendages, adherents, subscribers, affiliates, followers, connections, auxiliaries, confederates, associates, proteges, dependees, inferiors, retinues, inmates, allottees, succorers, dependums, and subjugates. These words all refer to the same meaning of dependents, and can be used interchangeably in many different contexts. Depending on the context, some of these words may be more appropriate than others, so it is important to consider the situation before choosing the right word.