Synonyms for Dependency:

1. Reliance
2. Subservience
3. Subordination
4. Obligation
5. Link
6. Connection
7. Rely
8. Affiliation
9. Bond
10. Trust
11. Commitment
12. Subjection
13. Subjugation
14. Vassalage
15. Allegiance
16. Subjection
17. Need
18. Inferiority
19. Submissiveness
20. Obedience
21. Dependence
22. Adherence
23. Accordance
24. Conformity
25. Subjectivity
26. Devotion
27. Dependability
28. Dependability
29. Dependableness
30. Observation

Searching for synonyms for the word ‘dependency’ can help to enrich your vocabulary and make your writing more interesting. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, there are many ideas to choose from. From ‘reliance’ and ‘subservience’ to ‘obligation’ and ‘connection’, there are plenty of other words for ‘dependency’ that can be used in place of the original. If you’re searching for the best ideas, some of the top suggestions include ‘vassalage’, ‘bond’, ‘trust’, ‘obedience’ and ‘devotion’. With so many synonyms to choose from, you can find the perfect word or phrase to express your meaning.