1. Signifies
2. Implies
3. Connotes
4. Suggests
5. Indicates
6. Expresses
7. Manifest
8. Sign
9. Notify
10. Betoken
11. Evince
12. Intimate
13. Hint
14. Betray
15. Show
16. Symbolize
17. Demonstrate
18. Designate
19. Reveal
20. Imply
21. Represent
22. Communicate
23. Point to
24. Infer
25. Portray
26. Implicate
27. Demonstrated
28. Symbolized
29. Signified
30. Implicated

When you are looking for other words for «denotes», there are plenty of ideas to consider. Synonyms for «denotes» include signify, imply, connote, suggest, indicate, express, manifest, sign, notify, betoken, evince, intimate, hint, betray, show, symbolize, demonstrate, designate, reveal, imply, represent, communicate, point to, infer, portray, implicate, demonstrated, symbolized, signified, and implicated. Each of these words has its own unique definition and usage, so it is important to consider the context of the word when selecting the best one for your needs. Whether you are writing a story, a paper, or a speech, having a good understanding of the various synonyms for «denotes» can help you to create a more interesting and engaging piece of writing.