1. Branching
2. Tree-like
3. Radiating
4. Fibrous
5. Arboreal
6. Treetop
7. Cone-shaped
8. Branchy
9. Arborescent
10. Symmetrical
11. Forked
12. Divaricating
13. Fibrous
14. Reticulate
15. Radiate
16. Stellate
17. Spiny
18. Vermicular
19. Arboreous
20. Divaricate
21. Spindly
22. Boughy
23. Spiculate
24. Reticulated
25. Cuspidate
26. Star-shaped
27. Fibrillar
28. Lacy
29. Arboreous
30. Spiculated

Finding the right words to use in your writing can be difficult. Whether you are writing a blog post, article, or advertisement, it is important to use the right words to convey your message. To help you find the best words to use in your writing, here are some synonyms for the word «dendritic». From branching to tree-like, radiating to fibrous, arboreal to treetop, and cone-shaped to branchy, these are the best ideas for other words for «dendritic». You can also use arborescent, symmetrical, forked, divaricating, fibrous, reticulate, radiate, stellate, and spiny. Vermicular, arboreous, divaricate, spindly, boughy, spiculate, reticulated, cuspidate, star-shaped, fibrillar, lacy, arboreous, and spiculated are also great alternatives for «dendritic». With these words, you can easily find the right words to use in your writing.