1. Exhibited
2. Displayed
3. Shown
4. Presented
5. Revealed
6. Flaunted
7. Proved
8. Explained
9. Testified
10. Manifested
11. Indicated
12. Confirmed
13. Demonstrated
14. Depicted
15. Illustrated
16. Expounded
17. Alleged
18. Avowed
19. Articulated
20. Enunciated
21. Established
22. Exhibited
23. Exemplified
24. Indicated
25. Noted
26. Professed
27. Shown
28. Stated
29. Taught
30. Unveiled

Looking for synonyms for the word demonstrated? Here are the best ideas. Whether you’re looking for another word for demonstrated, or other words for demonstrated, you’ll find plenty of options. From exhibited and displayed to proven and confirmed, there are plenty of synonyms for demonstrated that you can use in your writing. Exhibited, displayed, shown, presented, revealed, flaunted, proved, explained, testified, manifested, indicated, confirmed, depicted, illustrated, expounded, alleged, avowed, articulated, enunciated, established, exhibited, exemplified, indicated, noted, professed, shown, stated, taught, and unveiled are just a few of the synonyms for demonstrated that you can choose from when writing. With so many synonyms for demonstrated, you’ll be able to find the perfect word for your sentence.