1. Population
2. Audience
3. Segment
4. Group
5. Category
6. Strata
7. Class
8. Sociology
9. Age
10. Generation
11. People
12. Gender
13. Social
14. Nationality
15. Race
16. Ethnicity
17. Religion
18. Marital Status
19. Education
20. Occupation
21. Income
22. Geography
23. Culture
24. Interests
25. Opinions
26. Lifestyle
27. Habits
28. Preferences
29. Consumption
30. Attitude

When considering the best ideas for marketing, demographics are an important factor to consider. Knowing the target audience and their associated characteristics is key to creating a successful strategy. Synonyms for the word “demographic” include population, audience, segment, group, category, strata, class, sociology, age, generation, people, gender, social, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, education, occupation, income, geography, culture, interests, opinions, lifestyle, habits, preferences, consumption, and attitude. Understanding the different synonyms for “demographic” can help marketers create a strategy that is tailored to the target audience and speaks to their needs. Knowing the demographic of the target audience is essential for creating an effective marketing strategy.