1. Popular
2. Representative
3. Liberal
4. Open
5. Participatory
6. Constitutional
7. Free
8. Fair
9. Majority Rule
10. Participative
11. Consent of the Governed
12. Equality
13. Social
14. Tolerant
15. Democratic Republic
16. Constitutional Monarchy
17. Autonomous
18. Nonpartisan
19. Co-operative
20. Community-Oriented
21. Representative Government
22. Representative Democracy
23. Parliamentary
24. Direct
25. Collective
26. Pluralistic
27. Autarchic
28. Self-Governing
29. Representative System
30. Unitary

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word «Democratic», there are many ideas to consider. From words like popular, representative, liberal, and open to more specific terms like majority rule, participative, and consent of the governed, a variety of words can be used to describe the concept of democracy. There are also terms like constitutional monarchy, autonomous, non-partisan, and co-operative that can be used to describe the concept of democracy in different contexts. Additionally, words like community-oriented, representative government, representative democracy, parliamentary, direct, collective, and pluralistic can provide more detailed descriptions of the concept of democracy. Finally, terms such as autarchic, self-governing, representative system, and unitary can be used to provide even more precise definitions of the concept of democracy. No matter what word is chosen, it is important to remember that democracy is a fundamental part of any society and should be respected and celebrated.