1. Postponement
2. Hindrance
3. Stoppage
4. Interruption
5. Detour
6. Suspension
7. Stalling
8. Restriction
9. Halt
10. Deferment
11. Dallying
12. Laggardness
13. Detention
14. Deferral
15. Procrastination
16. Cessation
17. Obstruction
18. Setback
19. Slowing
20. Intermission
21. Crawl
22. Hiatus
23. Stagnation
24. Lull
25. Downtime
26. Deadlock
27. Lateness
28. Interruption
29. Check
30. Inaction

When searching for alternative words for «delays», the best ideas include the synonyms listed above. There are many different words that can be used to describe a delay, such as postponement, hindrance, stoppage, interruption, and detour. Other words for delays include suspension, stalling, restriction, halt, deferment, and dallying. Laggardness, detention, deferral, and procrastination are also other synonyms for delays. Additionally, cessation, obstruction, setback, slowing, intermission, crawl, hiatus, stagnation, lull, downtime, deadlock, lateness, interruption, check, and inaction all describe delays. By using these synonyms, you can more accurately and effectively describe a delay.