1. Level
2. Rank
3. Grade
4. Calibre
5. Classification
6. Notch
7. Stratum
8. Degree of difficulty
9. Standard
10. Degree of excellence
11. Grade of quality
12. Degree of intensity
13. Degree of intensity
14. Degree of complexity
15. Degree of magnitude
16. Degree of intensity
17. Degree of elevation
18. Degree of profundity
19. Degree of acuteness
20. Degree of intensity
21. Degree of sharpness
22. Degree of exactness
23. Degree of accuracy
24. Degree of refinement
25. Degree of delicacy
26. Degree of strength
27. Degree of potency
28. Degree of power
29. Degree of force
30. Degree of intensity

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