1. Debased
2. Diminished
3. Corrupted
4. Spoiled
5. Deteriorated
6. Impaired
7. Vitiated
8. Shabby
9. Contaminated
10. Tainted
11. Ruined
12. Desecrated
13. Impoverished
14. Worsened
15. Impoverished
16. Polluted
17. Mutilated
18. Defaced
19. Diminished
20. Wretched
21. Abased
22. Defiled
23. Dilapidated
24. Demeaned
25. Disgraced
26. Despoiled
27. Discolored
28. Drained
29. Drab
30. Debilitated

When searching for other words for «degraded», it is important to find the best ideas for describing the concept. Synonyms such as debased, diminished, corrupted, spoiled, and deteriorated all provide vivid descriptions of the concept of degradation. Additionally, words such as vitiated, shabby, contaminated, tainted, and ruined can also be used to describe the concept. Furthermore, words like impoverished, worsened, polluted, mutilated, defaced, and diminished can also be used to accurately explain the concept. All of these words provide clear and concise descriptions of the concept of degradation.