1. Slope
2. Pitch
3. Incline
4. Gradient
5. Descent
6. Declivity
7. Plunge
8. Dip
9. Ascent
10. Rise
11. Acclivity
12. Grade
13. Bank
14. Lean
15. Tilt
16. Slant
17. Heel
18. List
19. Cant
20. Swerve
21. Skew
22. Veer
23. Slope
24. Inclination
25. Obliquity
26. Sloping
27. Declination
28. Slouch
29. Angle
30. Lean

Searching for synonyms to the word “deg” can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are many ideas and other words that can be used to describe this term. Some of the best synonyms for “deg” include slope, pitch, incline, gradient, descent, declivity, plunge, dip, ascent, rise, acclivity, grade, bank, lean, tilt, slant, heel, list, cant, swerve, skew, veer, inclination, obliquity, sloping, declination, slouch, angle, and lean. All of these words can be used to describe the same idea as “deg”, making them an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to find a different word for the same concept. With this list of synonyms, finding another word for “deg” has never been easier.