1. Description
2. Explanation
3. Interpretation
4. Meaning
5. Understanding
6. Specification
7. Clarity
8. Delineation
9. Distinction
10. Explanation
11. Illustration
12. Outline
13. Paraphrase
14. Representation
15. Restatement
16. Summation
17. Elucidation
18. Exposition
19. Explication
20. Gloss
21. Identification
22. Recognition
23. Statement
24. Substantiation
25. Synopsis
26. Approximation
27. Categorization
28. Characterization
29. Definition
30. Differentiation

Finding the perfect synonym for the word “definition” can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a paper, creating a presentation, or just need to find the best word to express an idea, there are plenty of great options to choose from. When searching for the right word, consider using synonyms such as description, explanation, interpretation, understanding, and clarity. Other words for “definition” include delineation, distinction, illustration, outline, and paraphrase. If you’re looking for more specific ideas, consider using words like representation, restatement, summation, elucidation, exposition, explication, and gloss. When you’re looking for the best synonym for “definition”, consider using words like identification, recognition, statement, substantiation, and synopsis. Finally, if you’re looking for more unique ideas, consider using words like approximation, categorization, characterization, differentiation, and definition.