1. Delineated
2. Described
3. Explained
4. Outlined
5. Circumscribed
6. Set forth
7. Delimited
8. Discriminated
9. Specified
10. Determined
11. Characterized
12. Distinguished
13. Articulated
14. Indicated
15. Discriminated
16. Detailed
17. Catalogued
18. Distinguished
19. Itemized
20. Categorized
21. Depicted
22. Noted
23. Limned
24. Explicit
25. Discriminatory
26. Precise
27. Distinctive
28. Explicitly
29. Particularized
30. Explicitly stated

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult. To make it easier, consider using synonyms for, another word for, or other words for a single word. For example, if you need to define something, there are many different words you can use. The best ideas for synonyms for “defined” include delineated, described, explained, outlined, circumscribed, set forth, delimited, discriminated, specified, determined, characterized, distinguished, articulated, indicated, detailed, catalogued, itemized, categorized, depicted, noted, limned, explicit, discriminatory, precise, distinctive, explicitly, particularized, and explicitly stated. By considering different options, you can find the best word to help you express your thoughts.