1. Interpret
2. Describe
3. Explain
4. Elucidate
5. Delineate
6. Specify
7. Clarify
8. Outline
9. Detail
10. Illustrate
11. Analyze
12. Depict
13. Summarize
14. Characterize
15. Narrate
16. Expound
17. Disclose
18. Define
19. Articulate
20. Defray
21. Label
22. Interpret
23. Outline
24. Paraphrase
25. Portray
26. Render
27. Represent
28. Show
29. Translate
30. Unfold

Finding the right synonyms for the word “define” can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for synonyms for a school paper, a blog post, or a creative writing project, having a comprehensive list of words to draw from can make the task easier. The best ideas for synonyms for “define” include words such as interpret, describe, explain, elucidate, delineate, specify, clarify, outline, detail, illustrate, analyze, depict, summarize, characterize, narrate, expound, disclose, articulate, defray, label, outline, paraphrase, portray, render, represent, show, translate, and unfold. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for “define”, you can easily find the right word to use in any situation.