1. Last month of the year
2. Yuletide
3. End of the year
4. Christmastime
5. Pre-Christmas
6. Winter solstice
7. Coldest month
8. Holidays
9. Festive season
10. New Year’s Eve
11. Last of the year
12. Yule
13. End of the year
14. Christmas month
15. Advent
16. Snowy month
17. Twelfth month
18. Holidays
19. Yule tide
20. Winter months
21. Xmas month
22. Decemberfest
23. New Year’s
24. Year-end
25. Season of joy
26. Winter
27. Year’s end
28. Santa time
29. Year’s last
30. Festive period

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word “December”, there are many different words and phrases that can be used. From “Last month of the year” to “Yuletide” and “New Year’s Eve”, there are many different ways to express the same concept. For those looking for other words for December, there are also phrases like “Advent”, “Christmas month”, “Yule tide” and “Santa time” that can be used. No matter what phrase is chosen, it is sure to bring some holiday cheer to any conversation.