Synonyms for “Dear”:

1. Beloved
2. Cherished
3. Precious
4. Adored
5. Treasured
6. Darling
7. Endeared
8. Admired
9. Respected
10. Idolized
11. Revered
12. Loved
13. Affectionate
14. Fond
15. Cherubic
16. Sweetheart
17. Loving
18. Precious one
19. Dear one
20. Dearest
21. Revered one
22. Adored one
23. Idolized one
24. Precious thing
25. Cherished one
26. Darling one
27. Sweet
28. Treasured one
29. Loving one
30. Beloved one

Finding synonyms for the word “dear” is a great way to express your affection and love for someone. Whether you are writing a letter, a poem, or just a simple message, having a variety of words to choose from can help you find the perfect way to express your feelings. There are many different synonyms for the word “dear” that can help you express your emotions. Some of the best ideas include beloved, cherished, precious, adored, treasured, darling, endeared, admired, respected, idolized, and revered. These words are perfect for expressing your love and affection. Other words for “dear” that you may want to consider include fond, cherubic, sweetheart, loving, precious one, dear one, dearest, revered one, adored one, idolized one, precious thing, and cherished one. These words can help you express your love in a way that is meaningful and heartfelt.