1. Synonym for DEANE: Synonymize
2. Equivalent for DEANE: Equivalence
3. Another word for DEANE: Anagram
4. Cognate for DEANE: Cognize
5. Paraphrase for DEANE: Paraphrase
6. Counterpart for DEANE: Counterpart
7. Substitute for DEANE: Substitute
8. Replace for DEANE: Replace
9. Variant for DEANE: Variant
10. Analogous for DEANE: Analogous
11. Homologue for DEANE: Homologue
12. Alteration for DEANE: Alteration
13. Exchange for DEANE: Exchange
14. Transposition for DEANE: Transposition
15. Replica for DEANE: Replica
16. Stand-in for DEANE: Stand-in
17. Facsimile for DEANE: Facsimile
18. Copy for DEANE: Copy
19. Reproduction for DEANE: Reproduction
20. Variant for DEANE: Variant
21. Exchange for DEANE: Exchange
22. Counterpart for DEANE: Counterpart
23. Alternative for DEANE: Alternative
24. Exchange for DEANE: Exchange
25. Imitation for DEANE: Imitation
26. Duplicate for DEANE: Duplicate
27. Synonymize for DEANE: Synonymize
28. Look-alike for DEANE: Look-alike
29. Twin for DEANE: Twin
30. Reproduction for DEANE: Reproduction

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