1. Deceased
2. Extinct
3. Inert
4. Lifeless
5. Departed
6. Defunct
7. Gone
8. Expired
9. Dispatched
10. Cadaverous
11. Stiff
12. Passed
13. Decayed
14. Terminated
15. Finished
16. Done
17. Buried
18. Mouldering
19. Decrepit
20. Exanimate
21. Demised
22. Disintegrated
23. Moribund
24. Perished
25. Putrefied
26. Rotting
27. Ruined
28. Senescent
29. Shriveled
30. Wasted

Searching for synonyms for the word «dead» can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase, there are a variety of options available to you. For those seeking a single word, some of the best ideas include deceased, extinct, inert, lifeless, departed, and defunct. If a phrase is more suitable, then phrases such as gone, expired, dispatched, cadaverous, and stiff can be used. There are also a variety of other words and phrases available to choose from, such as decayed, terminated, finished, done, buried, mouldering, decripit, exanimate, and more. No matter what type of synonym you are looking for, there is likely an option that will fit your needs.