1. Replacement
2. Alternate
3. Parallel
4. Stand-in
5. Equivalent
6. Exchange
7. Counterpart
8. Surrogate
9. Switch
10. Analog
11. Exchangeable
12. Interchangeable
13. Facsimile
14. Duplicate
15. Twin
16. Match
17. Imitation
18. Quasi
19. Similitude
20. Lookalike
21. Copycat
22. Knockoff
23. Simulate
24. Ringer
25. Counterfeit
26. Doppelganger
27. Replica
28. Substitute
29. Parallelism
30. Facsimile

When searching for the best ideas for words that can be used in place of “DE”, look no further! Whether you are looking for a replacement, alternate, parallel, stand-in, equivalent, exchange, or counterpart, there are many different synonyms available to choose from. From a switch, analog, exchangeable, interchangeable, facsimile, duplicate, twin, match, imitation, quasi, similitude, lookalike, copycat, knockoff, simulate, ringer, counterfeit, doppelganger, replica, substitute, parallelism, and facsimile, there are plenty of other words for “DE” to choose from. All of these synonyms can be used to effectively communicate the same message as “DE”, while still providing variety and creativity to your writing.