1. Double-dip
2. Duplicate
3. Reduplicate
4. Reproduce
5. Reiterate
6. Replicate
7. Redouble
8. Renew
9. Rehash
10. Recur
11. Reoccur
12. Recap
13. Resurrect
14. Rekindle
15. Re-echo
16. Re-enact
17. Re-emphasize
18. Re-experience
19. Re-enforce
20. Re-engage
21. Re-establish
22. Re-create
23. Re-echo
24. Re-enact
25. Re-emphasize
26. Re-experience
27. Re-enforce
28. Re-engage
29. Re-establish
30. Re-create

When searching for a synonym for the term «DD», the best ideas are to consider words that have similar meanings. Some examples of synonyms for «DD» include double-dip, duplicate, reduplicate, reproduce, reiterate, replicate, redouble, renew, rehash, recur, reoccur, recap, resurrect, rekindle, re-echo, re-enact, re-emphasize, re-experience, re-enforce, re-engage, re-establish, and re-create. These words all have similar meanings to the term «DD» and can be used in place of it in order to convey the same idea. Additionally, some of these words can also be used to create more nuanced meanings for the term «DD» depending on the context of the sentence. No matter what the situation, there is sure to be an appropriate synonym for «DD» that can be used.