1. Dearest
2. Sweethearts
3. Precious
4. Treasures
5. Beloved
6. Sweeties
7. Cherished
8. Adored
9. Favorites
10. Lovey-dovey
11. Endearing
12. Charming
13. Admired
14. Treasured
15. Darlingly
16. Chums
17. Lovebirds
18. Preciously
19. Cherubic
20. Amorous
21. Admiring
22. Amiable
23. Beloveds
24. Darlingest
25. Inamorata
26. Endearments
27. Pet
28. Infatuation
29. Darlingest
30. Adulation

Are you looking for the best ideas of synonyms for the word “darlings”? There are many other words to use to express your love and affection for someone special. Words such as dearest, sweethearts, precious, treasures, beloved, sweeties, cherished, and adored are all great choices for expressing your feelings. You can also use words like lovey-dovey, endearing, charming, admired, treasured, darlingly, and chums to show your appreciation. For more unique phrases, try lovebirds, preciously, cherubic, amorous, admiring, amiable, beloveds, darlingest, inamorata, endearments, pet, infatuation, darlingest, and adulation. No matter which words you choose, you’ll be sure to make your darlings feel extra special!