1. Losses
2. Injuries
3. Indemnities
4. Compensations
5. Reparations
6. Harms
7. Impairment
8. Devastation
9. Wounds
10. Deficits
11. Deterioration
12. Impairments
13. Bruises
14. Detriments
15. Desolation
16. Deteriorations
17. Violations
18. Deteriorates
19. Abuses
20. Ravages
21. Disadvantages
22. Worsening
23. Disrepair
24. Ruination
25. Degradation
26. Impoverishments
27. Injures
28. Impoverishment
29. Breaches
30. Devastations

Searching for synonyms for the word «damages» can lead to a variety of ideas and words. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms for a school paper, a creative writing project, or a legal document, there are a variety of words you can use. From «losses» and «injuries» to «devastations» and «impoverishments,» there are many words to choose from. Additionally, using words such as «deficits,» «deterioration,» and «deteriorates» can be a great way to express the many nuances of damages. With this list of 30 synonyms, there are plenty of ideas and words to choose from when looking for the best words to describe damages.